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Your Bite Sized COO

We are a food and beverage consulting and advisory service that specializes on the management of the Cash-to-Cash cycle for CPG brands.  We do the back-end transactional work so you don't have to. We manage your manufacturing and supply-chain network, including inventory management and customer service as well as front end sales and sales program management all supported with accounting and bookkeeping services in between.

Our Approach


At The Helmsman Group, we partner with your brand as your interim COO to provide you the services and recommendations that deliver superior results that come from decades of experience within the Organic and Natural CPG space. 

Your Brand + Your Marketing Strategy + The Helmsman Group = Success!


Our People


In order to provide you with the best support it is essential that we have the best people working as champions for you and your company. Our members are wholly dedicated to each client because we believe that the only way that we can know what is best for your company is to immerse ourselves in it.

It Must Be Expensive


Our fees are comparable to the same salaries you would pay to build your own team.  The key benefit to partnering with The Helmsman Group - Time.  As a plug-and-play experienced service provider 0 to 100 happens nearly overnight.

How Can One Firm Do it All?


The short answer is - we can't.  That is why we partner with other Subject Matter Experts when necessary. We engage our affiliate partners when those skills are needed to maintain the momentum we have established: speed-to-market is everything!