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What We Do
At Helmsman, we understand that change doesn't exist in a vacuum.

With that in mind, we are equipped and ready to offer a wide range of services, tailored to the specific needs of your company, to help you successfully manage all pieces of your organization in a constantly changing environment.
Growth Strategy
Margin Enhancement

Growth and innovation are necessary to success in this continuously evolving industry.


From growth in sales velocity to new product innovation, we are able to assess both the market and your status quo with our proprietary data and offer insight on how to best grow your brand for success in years to come.

Is the cost of your product too high? Are there potential efficiencies that have yet to be realized?


We are able to assess your current supply chain and develop systems that can scale with you to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.


While we work mainly with natural, organic and specialty gourmet products, we have extensive experience across most channels and classes of trade. We provide assistance in the following:


  • Strategic planning

  • Budgeting and pricing

  • Trade programs

  • Sales and marketing plans

  • Building distribution

  • Broker selection and management

  • Engagement of contract sales
    management firms

  • Organizational development

  • Category management

  • Mentoring for sales managers

  • Facilitating sales meetings and off sites

  • Key account programs

  • Sales and P&L reporting systems and analysis

  • Exploring export initiatives

Operations Management

Whether it's a process that you want to improve or to build a new line or even a whole plant, Helmsman can help.


With our experience working with manufacturing facilities across various specialties -- from juices to breads, sauces to canned goods -- we have the skills to optimize your manufacturing.

At Helmsman, we understand that the most important part of enacting meaningful change in your organization is not just to propose the tools necessary but to implement the systems needed for success.


We offer comprehensive, ongoing operations management services to tackle everything from inventory management to production planning.

Ingredient Sourcing
Investor Relations

One of the most important inputs to your finished product is the ingredients that you source.


At Helmsman, we work with ingredients suppliers that echo our own level of professionalism and attention to detail while providing the highest quality and the most comprehensive range of ingredients in the market.

Do you have your 5-year plan in place? Beyond your equity partners, your board, your team, your vendors and your customers are all invested in you.


Have you given your investors confidence in the long haul? If you are at capacity and can't seem to find enough hours in the day, we can help you set your course for years to come!